Pillar City Poor Care Programme




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Yayasan Pillar will be holding the City Poor Care Program on the coming 24th August 2019, Saturday.

This programme’s objective is to assist the poor and hardcore poor who have low income and need to bear heavy responsibilities in improving life quality while lessen the burden of their families. This objective can be achieved by:

a.  Getting cooperation from government and private agencies in eradicating poverty in the town.
b.  Provide moral support to parents and youth in giving encouragement to live.
c.  Strengthen the bonds between societies, thus avoiding marginalized feeling and raise self-esteem of the poor.
d.  Guide them to generate income through economic activities such as setting up small businesses, sewing, farming and others.
e.  Raise awareness among the community about the urban poor who need assistance and attention from various parties.

140 core poor family members in Desa Wira, Batu Kawah areas who are still living below the poverty line will be receiving the support aid.

Those who are interested in contributing help are very welcomed.




Before ending the year 2018, president of Yayasan Pillar had visited the village school in Demak, Java Indonesia. The school is built for orphans to study Quran and Islamic Civilization. Yayasan Pillar had joint the project with local sponsor to provide water supply for the school. 

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Java Water-2

The other destination Yayasan Pillar’s president had set foot on during the year end was communal home in Uzbekistan. There, she met old couples in their 90s who are left to care for their grandchildren when their sons passed away. Relying their basic necessities from sponsors and Uzbekistan government, Yayasan Pillar’s president took part in sponsoring them as they bear the burden of caring their mentally challenged grandchildren and daughters in law.

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