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Please be advised that, Christina Maria Ngo Sy, who was with Yayasan Pillar for several months, effective from 31st March 2017, is no longer a volunteer, not a representative of Yayasan Pillar. She is not authorised to act on behalf of Yayasan Pillar in any capacity from 31st March 2017.

Reasons for her leaving:-

1.It was found out on 30th March 2017, she is an illegal resident in Sarawak. Our Human Resource Department has repeatedly over the past months requested her to handover her passport but not successful. Her repeated refusal made us suspect there might be something wrong.

2.She was responsible mainly for marketing and fund raising to achieve RM 132,000 for 8 months, but she only achieved RM 5,030.00 (RM 5,030 รท 8 months = RM 628.72 per month). She made many promises of sponsors and donors but only secured RM 5,030.00 in 8 months.
We are obligated to report to the immigration department of Christina illegal status.

If you in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact our HR executive, Siti Norahimmah Binti Mohd Bakri Iman. For more information regarding The Pillar Foundation, please visit our website at and our FB page: Yayasan Pillar.