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Regarding Yayasan Pillar’s request letter to jabatan penerangan to lend PA system for half day at Yayasan Pillar City Poor Care Program: 

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Jabatan Penerangan

“Yayasan Pillar is an NGO for many years been contributing to the needy community in 5 countries. This time Yayasan Pillar is organising to lighten the burden of about 300+ city poor in Kuching City and had requested the assistance of Jabatan Penerangan to chip in by lending its PA system for one morning so as officials from Ministry of KPDNKK could engage with the Rakyat and have a dialogue with them on issues affecting their livelihood and prices of basic needs. Yayasan Pillar team has work hard to source privately for sponsors of FOOD and Schooling basic needs which would be distributed to 300+ City poor on Yayasan Pillar program on 26th January 2019.
If the government is not able to help by sharing costs of helping City poor here, the very least it can do is to assist in kind. By denying, who is the Jabatan Penerangan denying? The state of Sarawak Or the City poor of Kuching?
It is obvious Not the responsibility of NGOs like Yayasan Pillar to carry the responsibility of the Government. It is the elected Government’s responsibility. Yayasan Pillar contributes and assists the Government because it is right and help is badly needed by City Poor.”

Aisah Mahmud, President Yayasan Pillar.

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Before ending the year 2018, president of Yayasan Pillar had visited the village school in Demak, Java Indonesia. The school is built for orphans to study Quran and Islamic Civilization. Yayasan Pillar had joint the project with local sponsor to provide water supply for the school. 

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Java Water-2

The other destination Yayasan Pillar’s president had set foot on during the year end was communal home in Uzbekistan. There, she met old couples in their 90s who are left to care for their grandchildren when their sons passed away. Relying their basic necessities from sponsors and Uzbekistan government, Yayasan Pillar’s president took part in sponsoring them as they bear the burden of caring their mentally challenged grandchildren and daughters in law.

Old Man-1

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