Mission & Vision

MISSION and VISION of the The Pillar Foundation is the common vision which the founder shared with her team of Exco members, volunteers and staff of The Pillar Foundation and the community they together serve. Humanitarian works for the President of The Pillar Foundation, Datin Aishah Mahmud went back to the years when she was in school. But the International Charity programs she chaired and managed in 1988 was the one most people know of.

In 1988, she was contacted by London based International Charity NGO under Sir Bob Geldorf to organize Malaysia International Charity events to raise funds to help poor African children in Africa.  The events were Televised and linked to 28 countries around the world in one simple mission to create greater awareness and raise funds for the suffering of malnourished children of Africa. Datin Aisah Mahmud and her team of volunteers and supported by sponsorship from Malaysian Telekom, Ministry of Welfare, The Radio and Television Malaysia raised Rm4.8million for charity.

The Pillar Foundation Official Logo

Datin Aisah decided to formalize the charity endeavors by forming The Pillar Foundation and registering it with Registrar of Society in 2010. The philosophy of The Pillar Foundation is simply “It is the moral responsibility of everyone to help those deserving of help” and this is translated in the diagram shown.

Yayasan Pillar Philosophy
The Pillar Foundation Philosophy