Sports Aid

Sport Aid

Dato’ Seri Paduka Aishah Mahmud began her volunteerism and humanitarian journey when she was in college and it continued in 1988 when she was chosen to chair and manage together with her team Malaysian First ever International charity program in 1988.

She dedicated one year to a full-time charity work and of promoting Malaysia internationally when she was chosen by Sir Bob Geldolf headquartered in London to manage the Malaysian chapter mission of “Sport-Aid 88” involving 28 nations.

This charity program raised Rm4.82 million through various charity and community events managed by Aishah Mahmud. Thousands of Malaysians and visitors raced against time in the morning and thousands of Malaysians and visitors filled the night of 8th August with songs, dances and music in the spirit of goodwill and charity.

She recommended to the government a special purpose bank account was to receive donations from companies and giving individuals who were donating during the program. The Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir, directed ministry of Welfare to send the donations to help African poor kids and families suffering from serious malnutrition and worms.

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Jamil, an international business man. An unexpected meeting with him recently where he recalled the days when he was 19 years old, a volunteer to Malaysia Sport Aid under Dato Paduka Aisah. His description of it is “an awesome undertaking first ever in Malaysia” where he and other volunteers recalled how they only slept four hours a night and grilled every morning to meet deadline each day.