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Beginning of Journey For Knowledge

Literacy has to begin somewhere and for these boys at Madrasah Al-Faaizun Tahfiz school, it begins with the mastering of the basic knowledge on usage of computer and several vital programs such as word, spreadsheet, and presentation.

At Yayasan Pillar, knowledge house @ Omaha Villa, Jalan Sultan Tengah, it’s a different story for boys and girls of UPSR and SPM. They are already initiated in their schools with computers and IT.

But the boys at Madrasah Al-Faaizun, they are different kettle of fish. They came from a background of broken homes and stray kids. They had no proper education until they came to Madrasah Al-Faaizun, which offers them personal and spiritual guidance but with no IT education. That is where Yayasan Pillar came in to help out the boys.

The lesson included:

  1. Basic of computer
  2. Word Processor
  3. Spreadsheet
  4. Presentation
  5. Basic internet skills
  6. Basic image processing
  7. Computer hardware