2019 Charity Programme

Kids Go-Kart Goodwill Fun Race


Yayayan Pillar decided to co-partner the event in order to share with kids and parents present at the event the crucial important of goodwill and harmony between Sarawakians from diverse racial and religious backgrounds. Dato Paduka Aisah shared her experience in Sarajevo where she witnessed the awful end results of religious and racial wars inflicted by Serbs Christians on Bosnian Muslims. And she related the incident here in Malaysia of an 8 year christian kid who thought his muslim friend would one day become a terrorist only because his Malay friend name is Mohammad. This sort of undesirable thought playing in the minds of our young kids is dangerous if not corrected soon enough. She asked parents of all religions and races to inculcate to their kids positive values of tolerance, peace and goodwill. “We have only one Malaysia and one Sarawak. We have no where else to go if something bad happen to our country. So take care of our homeland Malaysia”.

17 school from diverse background of race and religion participated in the “Kids Go-Kart Goodwill Fun Race”. Some of the school represented were New Life Church, St Thomas, SK Matang, Al Ahmin, SK Semariang, Matang Jaya, Semerah Padi, and Petra Jaya, who registered and interested to be part of the participant. Go kart is normally a sport enjoyed by the privileged kids well to do families. At this time, Yayasan Pillar and Serapi think it would be an opportunity to open this game to kids from lower income group. This is the group of people Yayasan Pillar knowledge house is providing tuition as a no profit community project. Objective is to get kids from diverse background to create greater understanding, harmony and tolerance between the kids. The parents take the opportunity to know each other and network in the spirit of good will. The event took place on 20th October 2019.


Congrats to the champion of the year 2018 and 2019, Hanif.


Dato Paduka Aisah giving speech.


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