2021 Charity Programme

Friday Food Basket – Santubong

This time YP team went into inner kampung of Santubong.
Santubong is a crossroad between upmarket developments of 4 star hotel Damai Beach resort and a 5 star resort Damai Puri and Permai Rainforest adventure resort.
Nearby are bungalows of middle class families, and among their midst are clusters of poverty.
These are city poor families who have yet to catch up economically with surrounding developments.
This time we are fortunate to have a 12 years old boy named Shami who was courteously happy to show Yayasan Pillar’s team our way around Santubong poor community.
Shami had lead our way to 5 families from the many who are still living under RM900 per month household.
For part 1 video, we visit 76 years old OKU Pak Cik Coupon bin Abot’s house and Hatinah binti Basri’s house and learnt of their living condition.

Part 2 video involved visit to 4 families sharing 2 rundown houses.
Following little boy Shami’s guide, Yayasan Pillar’s team reached 79 years old Aton binti Achol’s house which is lived in by 14 families members ranging from 79 years old grandma to 5 years old grandchildren, and Raesah binti Sebli’s house who shares the house with 8 other family members.
Generally Santubong people are hospitable and patient to endure substandard living condition for many years.
One of the reasons they didn’t get any assistance from the government is their sheer lack of know-how to go about applying for assistance.
Average education of adults in this area is SPM or lower.