2021 Charity Programme

Friday Food Basket – Siol Kandis

Being greatly impacted by Covid-19 in the previous year 2020, the sudden hit of the pandemic had brought sudden halt to many activities worldwide. Decided not to be restricted for too long, Yayasan Pillar decided to start the year 2021 charity program with the continuation of Friday Food Basket.

The first area that we targeted was Kampung Siol Kandis and learnt issues those city poor families faced while giving them food aid.

This time, 3 houses were visited where these families shared their bitter life. All three heads of the family work as manual laborers earning RM40 a day. They live in deplorable condition and some of them are eligible for Government assistance but have no idea how to apply. The Pillar Foundation helps where NGOs can help. From the conversation with them, we learnt that teenagers who no longer go to school is a norm. One of their 14 year old daughter even left school 2 years ago and now has a baby though still unmarried. Another 16 year old son too left school when he was 14 years old and now has no idea ​​what to do daily, unemployed.

In the last 30 years, Siol Kandis has become a site for the urban poor to occupy land that does not belong to them in the hope that they can apply for a grant from the government on the land they occupy. All the houses here are in a deplorable condition, dilapidated and dirty with no electricity and water is shared connecting through several houses. Theft of water supply is a common occurrence and the use of generators is the only option available. Siol Kandis has also become a fertile ground for migrants from indon to “squat” there temporarily to avoid detection from the authorities.