Program Ceramah Motivasi UPSR 2017

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Dengan kerjasama daripada Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Sarawak, dan Pusat Tuisyen Mutiara Suria, program ceramah motivasi UPSR 2017 dapat dianjurkan oleh Yayasan Pillar dengan lancar demi membantu para pelajar yang datang daripada keluarga yang berpendapatan isi rumah di bawah gaji minimum untuk memperbaiki prestasi mereka.

With the cooperation from the Ministry of Education, the Sarawak State Education Department, and the Mutiara Suria Tuition Center, the UPSR 2017 motivational talk program can be organized by the Pillar Foundation smoothly to help students who come from families with low income to improve their performance.

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Panti Yatim Indonesia

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President Yayasan Pillar bersilaturahim dan menyampaikan sumbangan kepada Panti Yatim Indonesia di Kemayoran, Jakarta Tengah. Sumbangan ini diberikan untuk membeli buku dan keperluan sekolah.

President of the Pillar Foundation showing benevolence and presented donations to Indonesian Orphanage in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. This donation is given to purchase books and school supplies.




Program Yayasan Pillar : Yayasan Pillar Charity Autoshow 2017

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Yayasan Pillar mengadakan Charity Autoshow 2017 buat julungkalinya dengan kerjasama Kancil Borneo di Tapak Parking Stadium Negeri Sarawak. Charity Autoshow ini bertujuan untuk mengumpul belia-belia yang mempunyai minat dalam pengubahsuaian kereta, motorsikal dan skuter untuk bertukar-tukar pendapat dan minat disamping memupuk semangat perpaduan dalam kalangan belia sekaligus mengelakkan mereka daripada terlibat dengan aktiviti yang tidak bermoral dan pada masa yang sama mereka dapat membantu pihak yang memerlukan.

The Pillar Foundation holds Charity Autoshow 2017 in cooperation with Kancil Borneo at the Sarawak State Parking Stadium. This Autoshow charity is aimed at gathering youths who are interested in modifying cars, motorcycles and scooters for exchanging views and interests while fostering solidarity among youths as well as preventing them from engaging in immoral activities, and can help the needy at the same time.

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Progam Yayasan Pillar : Belia Lepak Berhijrah Siri 3

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Sekitar program Yayasan Pillar Charity Championship yang telah diadakan di Waterfront Kuching pada 25 & 26 Mac 2017 dirasmikan oleh YB Dr. Hj Hazland B. Abg Haji Hipni. Program ini adalah untuk menggalakkan belia untuk menunjukkan kebolehan mereka dalam penyayian, permainan peralatan muzik, papan luncur dan seni pertahanan diri.

The Pillar Foundation Charity Championship program which was held at Waterfront Kuching on 25 & 26 March 2017 was officiated by YB Dr. Hj Hazland B. Abg Haji Hipni. The programme is meant to encourage younger youth to show their natural talent in singing, musical instrument playing, skateboarding and self-defense.

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KUCHING: Yayasan Pillar is bringing back its ‘Belia Lepak Berhijrah’ programme this year at Kuching Waterfront, with more excitement and competitions slated for youths.

The two-day carnival, which kicked off yesterday, is the third series of the youth-oriented event which was launched in 2015, also at the waterfront.

Last year, it was run under the ‘leadership camp’ concept at Permai Rainforest Resort in Pantai Damai near here for three days.

This year, the organiser has decided to include skateboard and BMX (bicycle motocross) competitions into its list of exciting programmes comprising workshops and demonstrations on extreme sports, street workout, silat and the art of yo-yoing, as well as the registration centre for a charity autoshow to take place on the carpark at Stadium Negeri here this April 8.

Demak Laut assemblyman Dr Hazland Abang Hipni, who is a long-time supporter of Yayasan Pillar, officiated at the opening ceremony of the youth carnival yesterday.

In his opening remarks, he commended the organising committee from the foundation for their hard work and dedication in having successfully run the previous two series of ‘Belia Lepak Berhijrah’ programme.

“I believe with your experience and also the tremendous help from your volunteers, this will be another successful series for Yayasan Pillar. I have learned that this time, you have managed to gather youths not only from Malaysia, but also those from across Asean such as Indonesia and Brunei.

“Well done, Yayasan Pillar!” he said.

Adding on, Dr Hazland also reminded youths that despite the tougher challenges and obstacles that they had to face in today’s globalised world, they must never forget the ‘most important thing in life — to have fun’.

“In saying this, I’m keeping my speech really short because I know as youths, you don’t want to listen to long speeches – you all want to play and have fun. So, let’s have some fun,” he quipped.

Yayasan Pillar was registered as a foundation with the Registrar of Societies in 2010.

Its founder is Dato Seri Paduka Aisah Mahmud, who still serves as its president.

The establishment of this foundation is based on the philosophy that ‘it is the moral responsibility of everyone to help those deserving of help’.

Apart from holding activities for youth to prevent them from being involved in social ills, Yayasan Pillar also assist the less-privileged members of the communities – both rural and urban – through various outreach programmes, economic development, capacity-building and sustainable self-help assistance undertaken in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental bodies.

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